EFICO Sigma 844 - Specially formulated for high quality caviar production


A great long-lasting partnership right from the beginning 

Covering your sturgeon’s needs

Due to the extremely long life cycle of sturgeon, sturgeon farming is a long term investment. BioMar has over 20 years of experience with sturgeon feed production, and our close collaboration with sturgeon farmers has given us an important lead in the development of sturgeon feed. In addition, sturgeons are farmed for both caviar and meat; therefore, BioMar offers a full product range with optimal nutritional solutions for farmers to produce both end products. BioMar’s sturgeon feed is produced with high quality raw materials. It is suitable for both recirculation and flow-through systems in a variety of climates for optimum growth performance and cost-effective fish farming.

Choosing the right feed

It matters to choose the right feed according to production setup and scope.
Best Economic Performance

The path to increased financial yield

The prices of feed raw materials and of farmed species fluctuate for many reasons. When both costs and income fluctuate, it is crucial that the farmer can choose products that provide the best financial end result – tailored to meet the circumstances.

By means of adapted feed composition, feed choice and feeding regime, we can offer a unique support system based on documentation beyond comparison: the Best Economic Performance model. The customer defines the performance goals and BioMar adapts the product strategy to fit these demands

Feeding all stages

Nutritional requirements vary through the life cycle of each single species.

BioMar's feed ranges cover the special needs in the full life cycle from egg to harvest of both fresh water and marine fish species, and of shrimp.

Starting with the LARVIVA diets for hatcheries and a number of specific types of fry feeds we offer a large variety of transfer feeds and grower feeds developed to match the nutritional needs of specific species in various farming conditions.

On top, we offer specially enriched broodstock feeds, conditioning the brood stock to deliver highest quality eggs and by this securing the best possible start for a new cycle.

BioRhythmic feeding

Good production results are based on informed choices

Our BioRhythmic feeding concept helps to achieve the best possible production results when growth rate, feed conversion rate and survival are very important parts of the picture.

For optimised performance, the daily energy intake must be maximised throughout the production cycle. It matters to choose a feed that maintains the appetite at a high level, irrespective of environmental changes like temperature and light conditions.

Furthermore, it is essential to choose a diet with an energy level that is closely adapted to the growth potential in the various stages of production. It is equally important to apply an optimal feeding regime ensuring the amount of feed needed from day to day to reach production targets is available.

Fish health

Our research prioritises strategies for the development of diets supporting fish health.

We care about the health of fish, fish farmer’s finances and the healthy reputation that farmed fish deserve and on which the industry relies.

BioMar aims to offer a range of functional diets effective against the most serious production disorders, and covering the entire production cycle for a large number of farmed species.

Our research on one species is very often relevant for another. This is especially applicable in terms of fish health, where functional diets tend to have a broader spectrum of use with respect to species than grower feeds do.

Product ranges

Hatchery/Starter feeds

Best start in life - LARVIVA larval diets and INICIO Plus fry feed ranges

Optimal feeding is crucial to the beginning of all new life. The LARVIVA larval feed range and INICIO Plus fry feed ranges cover all nutritional needs during the initial life stages from larvae until the juvenile fish leaves the hatchery.

BioMar's hatchery feeds fit the particular needs of many types of hatcheries and feeding regimes in production, from the more traditional approaches to the very early weaning procedures with substantial replacement of live feed.

Both LARVIVA and INICIO Plus feed ranges for fish contain Bactocell®* - a probiotic approved by the European Food Safety Authorities for its documented effect on reducing deformities in fish larvae and fry. In addition, Bactocell® is very well documented by the scientific community for its positive effects on gut health and disease resistance.

* Bactocell® is the only probiotic approved by the European Comission for inclusion in fish feed. The approval is based on extensive documentation of reduced occurrence of deformities across fish species.

Caviar production

Grower feed range targeted for caviar production

BioMar sturgeon feed is the number one choice in France and is now being offered worldwide. With two different digestible energy levels, EFICO Sigma 840 and 841 offer farmers grower feed choices for different seasons and farming conditions. Furthermore, BioMar has a specially designed finishing feed, EFICO Sigma 844 for caviar producing sturgeon. By applying our research on the correct fatty acid and nutrient balance, BioMar aims to provide farmers with abundant, quality caviar.

Caviar Production Feeds

Meat production

Grower feed targeted for meat production

Traditionally, farmers focusing on producing sturgeon for meat have used low energy salmonid feed. The market demanded an affordable feed that met sturgeon's specific nutritional requirements. In 2015, BioMar introduced EFICO Sigma 811, which is formulated based on sturgeon amino acid requirements and micro-nutrient needs.

Meat Production Feeds

Functional feed

The feeding solution for stressful periods

EFICO Plus is designed to help strengthen natural resistance and defense of the fish before planned or expected stress periods. EFICO Plus includes extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients, and it is specially formulated for preparing fish for challenging periods, such as handling, grading, temperature changes and fish transfer.

Functional Feed

Targeted solutions



Stronger fish deal better with all challenges. FOCUS Plus includes extra vitamins and several potent micronutrients, which help strengthen natural resistance of the fish, thereby providing the best economic performance in times of stress. FOCUS Plus is the key ingredient in Sturgeon SMARTfeeds INICIO Plus 805 and EFICO Plus 805.

Caviar Finisher

Caviar Finisher

EFICO Sigma 844 is specially designed for mature sturgeon females as a finishing feed for the final stages of caviar production. In collaboration with top sturgeon farms in France, BioMar's caviar finishing feed is designed to promote high yields of quality caviar.

BioMar's Performance Concept

BioMar’s Performance Concept revolutionises feed performance and ensures that the choice of feed fulfils the farmer’s objectives.

Consistent Feed Performance

The Performance Concept is based on formulating feed for a consistent potential feed performance rather than basing the formulation of feed on fixed composition and fixed nutrient levels.

Our researchers and nutrition specialists have performed extensive research on fish needs and raw material properties, which led to the Performance Concept. We have been successfully using this concept for many years to ensure that all of our feeds indeed have consistent, predictable performance with solid documentation.

Based on the individual needs of fish species at each growth stage, the Performance Concept supplies the digestible energy needed for maintenance and the targeted growth performance and it delivers an adequate amount of digestible proteins with the right amino-acid profile in order to enable the fish to fully utilize its growth potential. Furthermore, feed based on the Performance Concept provides the vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients necessary for growth and development.


The benefits of the Performance Concept are multifaceted. Feed formulated with the Performance Concept consistently provides excellent nutritional quality which matches the requirements of the fish. As a result, it helps farmers achieve the best possible economic performance on their fish farms.

Applying the Performance Concept reduces the dependency of individual raw materials, which results in more cost-effective feed. In addition, it allows the aquaculture industry to move towards sustainable use of raw materials and scarce resources. At the same time, we can optimize our use of the wide and growing range of raw materials.



BioFarm - adding value to your business

Exploiting the growth potential of the farmed species used to be a bottleneck for profitable aquaculture activity. Today, our feeds are optimised to potentially deliver a feed performance that fully can exploit this potential. 

BioMar’s technical support systems and our BioFarm team provide guidance for appropriate nutrition and feeding strategies. BioFarm assists in regard to general health issues, disease prevention and recovery strategies and pays special attention to the challenges in production of larvae, fry, fingerlings, and smolt. BioFarm team members are specialised in farming technology, recirculation systems, water quality, and energy efficiency as well as sustainability, eco-efficiency analysis, life cycle analysis, and environmental impact assessment.


Logistics - Delivering the right feed to the right place on time

We always strive to live up to our reputation for delivering efficient logistics services and to deliver the right feed to the right place on time.

While doing so, we focus on minimising our environmental footprint. The world's first cargo ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been operated by BioMar since 2012 is only one example showing our ambition on reducing our environmental impact.