Anguilla anguilla

Covering your eel's needs

DAN-EX is the most sold eel feed in Europe. It is specially formulated for this very valuable fish species. The DAN-EX range is based on carefully selected raw materials in order to satisfy the special requirements of the eel. Raw materials are chosen to achieve an optimal balance of nutrients and an optimal taste for a healthy appetite. In this way, DAN-EX eel feed provides high growth and excellent farm results. The DAN-EX range has been developed in close collaboration with our clients and relies on years of investigation and experimentation in the R&D centres of BioMar.

Choosing the right feed

Best economic performance

Eel are predominantly farmed in cost intensive recirculated systems. It is crucial to maximize production per m2 of this valuable species to achieve the lowest fixed production cost per kg, and thus maximize economic performance.

BioMar eel feeds deliver high growth rates and low feed conversion rates, helping the farmer reach the highest production and the best financial result.

Feeding all stages

Nutritional requirements vary through the life cycle of eel.

BioMar's feed ranges cover the special needs in the full life cycle from glasseel to harvest.

The smallest Dan-Ex glasseel feeds help in the transfer from live feeds to formulated diets and provide a good start through the challenging first weeks. Increasing feed sizes follow the changing nutritional needs of the eel until their maximum size.

Recirculation systems

Specialised feeds for farming in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems.

Farming in recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) focuses on maximizing farming conditions, reducing emissions of nutrients to the aquatic environment, reducing water consumption and providing farming with a high level of bio-security.

BioMar eel feeds are specially formulated for Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) farms, delivering maximum feed performance and maximising the return on invested capital for the farmer.

Product ranges


The optimal start

BioMar's starter feed range covers all the nutritional needs of glasseels. The range contains high protein levels, balanced amino-acid and fatty acid profiles, vitamins and micronutrients.

Due to its specially developed composition, DAN-EX fry feeds consistently provide excellent feed conversion, growth, and high survival. By improving the performance of the glasseels, BioMar's starter feed contributes to increased production profitability.

Our production process also emphasizes physical quality with well calibrated sizes as well as absence of dust. Good physical quality assists in maintaining a clean and healthy aquatic environment for the glasseels.

Starter feeds


Focus on feed performance

BioMar´s eel grower feeds are formulated with only one goal in mind: to maximize performance.

By employing the latest insights in eel nutrition and using the best, highly digestible raw materials our feeds deliver low feed conversion rates. A strong focus on palatability ensures maximum feed intake and high growth rates.

Low output of waste products allow more fish to be grown for a given biofilter size, further allowing for maximum production in recirculated systems.

Grower feeds



BioFarm - adding value to your business

Exploiting the growth potential of the farmed species used to be a bottleneck for profitable aquaculture activity. Today, our feeds are optimised to potentially deliver a feed performance that fully can exploit this potential. 

BioMar’s technical support systems and our BioFarm team provide guidance for appropriate nutrition and feeding strategies. BioFarm assists in regard to general health issues, disease prevention and recovery strategies and pays special attention to the challenges in production of larvae, fry, fingerlings, and smolt. BioFarm team members are specialised in farming technology, recirculation systems, water quality, and energy efficiency as well as sustainability, eco-efficiency analysis, life cycle analysis, and environmental impact assessment.


Logistics - Delivering the right feed to the right place on time

We always strive to live up to our reputation for delivering efficient logistics services and to deliver the right feed to the right place on time.

While doing so, we focus on minimising our environmental footprint. The world's first cargo ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been operated by BioMar since 2012 is only one example showing our ambition on reducing our environmental impact.