New ingredient with highly sustainable profile

BioMar introduces Qrill HP, a new marine ingredient with a highly sustainable profile. Supplied by MSC certified Aker BioMarine, Qrill HP brings multifaceted advantages and leverages BioMar’s top performing product ranges for rainbow trout. 

Fish farmers served by BioMar’s Danish factory can look forward to the benefits of updated diets for rainbow trout and other freshwater species.


Strong nutritional and multifaceted benefits in aquafeeds

Qrill HP is a newly developed raw material based on krill, made available to BioMar by our supplier Aker BioMarine.

Qrill HP supplies fish with essential amino acids needed for growth and can directly substitute other marine protein sources. The protein digestibility of Qrill HP is very high, making it an attractive ingredient even in the highest energy feeds where superior protein digestibility is essential.

Moreover, Qrill HP contains several soluble compounds making it an effective attractant and flavouring agent that provides increased palatability.


Sustainability at its best

Qrill HP is a product of krill that has been carefully processed, separating its oil and protein fractions. The oil fraction is used for human consumption, leaving a by-product that after a gentle drying can be a highly valued protein source in aqua feeds. Being a by-product is one of the factors that make Qrill HP a sustainable ingredient.

Antarctic krill fishery is evaluated and acknowledged for its sustainability through the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).


  • The catch of krill in the area where krill harvest is allowed amounts to less than 1 % of the total krill biomass in the area

  • The Eco-Harvesting technology patented by MSC certified Aker BioMarine results in a total yearly by-catch close to 0

  • Low trophic level harvesting allows for fast biomass recovery

  • Conservation of the Antarctic ecosystem is the core focus of a close collaboration of several interested parties. In this context, Aker BioMarine, WWF-Norway and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) joined to establish the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund, an initiative which is also supported by BioMar

  • Qrill HP is a by-product from krill oil production